Ticket to the stars


Ticket to the Stars is a casino game that offers its players a chance to live out their fantasy by way of flying spaceships and conquering the galaxies! You will notice many familiar sights in this game like the control room where you will type in your inputs and watch the ships take off randomly, and also the ticket arena where you can place your bets and be told what your score is at the end of the game. If luck permits, you might even be able to land your ship on the “action” part of the screen, which would cause ships to launch and travel through the different lanes towards your prize and finally score points based on how well each of them does in getting into position to complete their mission!

Ticket to the Stars slot machines also have the unique feature of having a bonus section right before the actual game where you can use real money to get bonus points that multiply instantly. These bonus points can buy you extra credits that you can use to purchase things in the “buyin’ market” or use in-game funds for buying tickets. There are also several “vehicle repair shops” that you can visit to get some funds to buy additional tickets if you need them. These shops are where you can buy fuel for your space ship from and buy tools to maintain the health of your spacecraft. When you find these repair shops you will notice that they are not the same color as most of the other shops so you must memorize that vehicle repair shop is where the real money is placed! After successfully landing your first ship in one of these vehicle repair shops you will be able to purchase more tickets to fly more spaceships and earn more points.

This game offers you the best chance to really live out your space fantasy with its original theme and colorful icons. The graphics, sounds, and symbols are well-designed to provide a fun, memorable experience. With its innovative gameplay, fast pace, and fresh theme, Ticket To The Stars is one of the best games on Play Station Portable today.

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