Reel Strike


Reel Strike is a popular online slot machine with a basic layout 5 reel, 5 rows, and an average of fifteen pay lines. The symbols which cover the reels are commonly associated with different terms related to fishing, as well as other objects pertaining to angling in general; e.g. spinner, spoon, jig, spin, bait, crank, disc, wheel, flag, wheel, etc. Some machines add additional icons on the reel, but these are not covered here because we want to stick to the general appearance of the reel and the symbols it represents.

The reel strike slot machine also has another icon which can be translated as “bonus” or “extra bonus” but this bonus does not come into play during reels. The icons for the reel rows are arranged randomly, so as to not confuse players in guessing which icon is for what wild card. For example, the symbol for a single bead can be mixed up with the symbol for a “bait”.

When you place your bids for Reel Strike, the icons that are shown on the reel play field have certain meanings. The higher your highest bid, the higher the odds that you will win the pot for the specific game. If there is no winner after your highest bid, then you have doubled your money and can take on another slot game. This is the basic mechanics of slot games. In my opinion, this game is excellent as a FarmVille game, as it gets you interested in other aspects of slot games outside the main reel.

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