Leprechaun hills


Leprechaun Hills is one of the hottest slot games on the Internet right now. This is a game that was originally developed for the Macintosh computer and has now been ported to the iPhone, iPod touch, and in some cases, Windows Phones. If you enjoy online slots, this game is definitely something you need to check out. But what exactly is it about this game that keeps people coming back day after day to play?

Leprechaun Hills is a unique video slot game because of its use of fantasy images and symbols. The majority of these symbols are familiar to the world, but there are also a few that are a bit odd such as leprechauns, spiders, owls, and other mythical creatures. These symbols are used not only to enhance the visual appeal of the game, but they also serve a functional purpose within the game itself. Specifically, the bonus features of the game make these symbols viable means of getting additional coins from the flier slot machines.

Bonus features can include a variety of different things. Some of them include extra coins, additional spins on the roulette wheel, or even the option to purchase additional coins. In addition to these different options, the game also includes a special bonus round that is played after you complete all of the regular spins. The first spin in this round earns you one point, and subsequent spins earn you two points. These points are added up and totaled so that your cumulative score is the highest possible number, which is a necessity in any online high variance slot games.

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