Go for Gold


Go for Gold is a well established South African owned and operated online casino company. The mission of Go for Gold is to “inspire people to take risks” and “inspire action.” Go for Gold has been designed to improve the lives of the children in South Africa through education. In Go for Gold, students are encouraged to adopt different aspects of risk taking as they learn through simulated gold mining games and simulations of real gold mining situations.

Go for Gold is one of the most popular game nights and events in Durban. Students are given a realistic experience of working in a real gold mine setting and participating in a team atmosphere. Students learn maths, statistics and how to use computers in real-world scenarios that will have them confronting financial problems in the future. This will enable students to be prepared for employment opportunities after school and prepare them for life on a professional level.

The exciting game involves playing a strategy game that challenges the players to accumulate as much gold as possible within a specific time period. Players make money by selling the game pieces back to the gold mines. The game is easy and lots of fun. Go for Gold is played in both classroom settings in schools or at non-formal events. It is also used as a business training game at schools. Students take home a certificate that shows them the skills needed for a rewarding career in gold mining.

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